Still working away and adding dates to the calendar as i go for upcoming shows. Happy to be confirmed for the first time alongside a fantastic line up of creators and publishers at this year’s Lakes international Comic Art Festival (27th – 28th September 2024, Bowness-on-Windermere, get your tickets here from TryBooking). I’ll be there under Engine Comics on the Saturday and Sunday as part of The Lakeside Comics Marketplace and the International Rights Market. See you there?


Despite a website glitch and a bunch of non-comics work taking up my time, I am still working away. Happy to be guesting at Sale Comic Con on Saturday 8th June 2024 and Bury Comic Con on Sunday 30th June 2024. I’ll have sketches and new comics available. We’re also confirmed for Thoughtbubble 2024 and will be appearing under Engine Comics. See you there?


Work continues on the first issue of APHELION: THE RISE OF CALVUS, scripted by Troy Martin. In the meantime check out Troys latest writing in the hallowed pages of the British institution that is Commando, one of the longest running comics in the world, with art from Marc Viure. From the description:

“#5731: Leg Before Chindits

Major Charles Beevor thought his hope was all out as he led a depleted group of Chindits deep into the jungles of Burma. Surrounded by the Japanese and cut off from British lines, only the support of Subedar Singh and their mutual love of cricket could save the day. Together, they were out for six and would not stop until the Japanese threat was bowled over!

Cricket puns ahoy! Troy Martin bowls us over in his writing debut for his first Commando about Chindits in Burma. Marc Viure returns to work on interior artwork in his second-ever Commando and Keith Burns is on top form for covers!

Story: Troy Martin
Art: Marc Viure
Cover: Keith Burns”

Available from WH Smiths or direct from MagsDirect.Also if you haven’t already, sign up for Troy’s regular substack newsletter from Sweet Nightmares.


Another book on the research pile for PROJECT BRICK, the book Flash In The Pan- A Short History of Fascism in Liverpool 1923-1940 by author Chris Jones is a 68 page essay on the rise of homegrown fascism in my hometown. “This book charts the growth and the decline of fascism in one city: Liverpool. It outlines the roots of the movement and of the opposition to it, even before the formation of the British Union of Fascists. Using contemporary sources it gives a blow by blow account of fascism as it was on the streets. It also uses academic sources to state Liverpool fascism in its national and international context.”

Also on the pile, Boys from the Blackstuff: A Novel by Keith Miles based on the Alan Bleasdale series. Boys from the Blackstuff was a British drama television series of five episodes, originally transmitted from 10 October to 7 November 1982, about a group of five Liverpudlian tarmac layers (hence the slang for tarmac: ‘the black stuff’) on a job near Middlesbrough.


I recently also obtained a bunch of UK news/reviews magazine Comic Collector for PROJECT ANTHOLOGY, originally published in 1992, and a copy of AARGH: Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia. This was a 76-page one-off comics anthology published by Mad Love in 1988. The comic was designed to aid the fight against Clause 28, which was a controversial amendment to the Local Government Act 1988, a British law which was designed to outlaw the “promotion of homosexuality” by local authorities. The list of artists and writers, led by Alan Moore, is extraordinary. And I believe I’ll be recieving a major update to the research pile next month…