Lytton (2020-2021) from Cutaway Comics- Four issue mini series

Script: Eric Saward

Art and Letters: Baz Renshaw

Design: Colin Brockhurst

Publisher/Editor: Gareth Kavanagh

DVD Editor and Features: Matt Charlton

Ex-soldiers. Mercenaries. Businessmen. Swapping shooters for suits, It’s 1975, and Lytton and his long time batman Wilson run The Jazz Soiree in London’s West End. A classy affair in the otherwise seedy environment of Soho, they inevitably incur the jealousy of the criminal underworld who would like a piece of their action. What rivals can’t buy, they’ll take, but every man has his price, and it’s good business to be civil. After all, Lytton needs a rare piece of kit, extraterrestrially rare, and Mr Shend has it to sell. What figure can you put on a good man’s loyalty? London is about to find out…”


Doctor Who Magazine 554

SFX Magazine

Down the Tubes

Radio Times


Kasterborous with Gareth Kavanagh

Doctor Who Panel to Panel with Gareth Kavanagh

The ICE-CAST LIVE with Barry Renshaw of Cutaway Comics

Origin, Stories on creativity # 158 Graphic Novelist Barry Renshaw



Issue 1

Something of Value

We Are Cult

The Brown Bag

Set The Tape

The Tides of Time

The Event Library

Sci-Fi Bulletin

Fanboy Factor



The Brown Bag

Set The Tape

Tides of Time

Fanboy Factor

Sci-Fi Bulletin



Tides of Time

Set the Tape